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Montecito Journal

September 2022

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it was a photo that inspired a thousand (or so) paintings when the Oak Group gathered under an expansive eponymous tree along the San Marcos Foothill Preserve 35 years ago for a photo. Founded on the idea of painting the places of nature in an effort to draw attention to their environmental risks of these same spaces, the Oak Group has gone on to grow into a collective force of plein air paintings and environmentalism. 

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Montecito Journal

April 2022

In his upcoming exhibit, Far and Near, at the Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery, Michael Drury explores the illustrious landscapes of California, Nevada, and Ireland, immersing the viewer in...

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Montecito Journal

November 2021

Everyone has a unique perspective and sees the world a little differently. For Richard “Rick” Schloss, it has always been about the light. Throughout his illustrious career of nearly 50 years, Rick has studied how the sun and natural light affect the atmosphere and colors of nature. 

Richard Schloss - A Lifetime of Painting The Light

Santa Barbara Indepedent

July 2021

"Shaper Renny Yater, Artist John Comer, and Others Showcase History at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Plans for the current show at the Maritime Museum began to take shape in the months before COVID hit. Passing on the opportunity to open their show in Santa Cruz and San Diego, Comer and Yater needed the right spot to honor this truly unique thing they had done... "

Santa Barbara Independent

Montecito Journal

July 2021

"Part of the mystique of nature is revisiting an area at different times of year, or even just different times of the day. The scenery is always familiar yet ever changing as the light, weather, and seasons impart their effect on the view.

Longtime landscape painter John Comer has been capturing these subtle changes of local landscapes and scenic coastlines for more than 50 years. In his newest gallery show, John mentions, “What I was looking for in this show were things that connected me to the different places where I had painted.”


Coastal View

April 2021

Continuing its tradition of preserving open spaces, the Oak Group will hold its 35th-anniversary show, “Circle of Compassion,” benefiting the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network. The work of several Carpinteria artists will be featured in the show.


Montecito Journal

April 2021

Summerland boasts an array of natural beauty. The landscape has long lured artists with paint, brush, and/or camera and Loon Point is a magical spot that almost went the way of development a few decades ago, if it hadn’t been for a few thoughtful artists in our region. 

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LUM Art Magazine

April 2021

"Continuing their tradition of preserving open spaces, the Oak Group will hold its thirty-fifth anniversary show benefiting The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and return to the wild, sick, orphaned and injured wild birds, reptiles and small mammals in Santa Barbara and..."

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LUM Art Magazine

April 2021

"John Wullbrandt’s retrospective exhibition, John Wullbrandt/2021, at Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery, is a gorgeous, sun-kissed selection of his paintings, exploring Santa Barbara County’s many splendors – from landscapes and pastoral vignettes to urban and architectural portraits. Across the exhibition..."

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Santa Barbara News-Press

April 2021

“Circle of Compassion,” the Oak Group’s 35th-anniversary art show, will benefit the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network.

A preview will take place from noon to 8 p.m. April 30 at the Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery, 1321 State St. The opening is set for 11 to 8 p.m. May 1, and the exhibit will continue through May 28.

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LUM Art Magazine

April 2021

"In the 1970s, Richard Schloss found his niche as a landscape artist in Santa Barbara. Today, he continues to capture the sunny city he calls home as co-founder and artist-in-residence at Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery.

When approaching a new painting, Schloss starts with an appreciation of the natural light. He focuses in on..."

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Santa Ynez Valley News

March 2021

Local art cooperative Oak Group will open its 35th-anniversary show — the "Circle of Compassion" — on

May 1 at the Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery.

The exhibit will benefit the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and return to the wild, sick, orphaned, and injured wild birds, reptiles, and small mammals in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. 

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Santa Barbara Independent

July 2020

"Amidst the accomplished landscape painters calling Santa Barbara home, Michael Drury stands apart. For decades, Drury has traversed the familiar world of landscape painting, mostly in dedicated and site-spawned “plein air” style and rendered with a distinctive personal visual language..."

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Hope Ranch Living

February 2019

"As a boy in the 1960's, landscape artist Richard Schloss spent every summer and Christmas vacation visiting his grandparents in Hope Ranch. Richard's grandfather R.L. "Bob" Keyes was President of Aramco Oil and lived in Arabia for many years ...."


Santa Barbara News Press


"Talk about timely. Some of the oil paintings in Richard Schloss's current exhibit at the Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery on State Street are rainy wet street scenes of Santa Barbara. "I began drawing street scenes in the rain when I lived ..."

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Santa Barbara Magazine

Home & Garden


'Artist Richard Schloss remembers when he was studying art at UCSB in the 1970s: "If you painted something too pretty, you were criticized for it; prettiness meant you were a weekend painter, because real artists make ugly things." Nearly five years...'

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Montecito Magazine

Fall 2018-Winter 2019

"Artist Richard Schloss (above) and his wife Julie are the new owners of Santa Barbara Fine Art in Arlington Plaza (in the former Santa Barbara Frame Shop & Gallery Space). Richard and Julie are longtime Santa Barbara residents who moved..."

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Voice Magazine

August 10, 2018

"Combining history with natural beauty and highlighting little things that make our city so unique, Viva Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Fine Art celebrate this seaside town through the eyes of local artists. The new gallery, managed by Julie... "

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Santa Barbara Independent

July 27, 2018

Fiesta offers folks a chance to celebrate the Spanish and Mexican influences in our town — including flamenco dancing, ethnic food and drink, history, and horses. The weeklong event is also a good time to celebrate the beauty of the landscape and architecture that make Santa Barbara such a beautiful place to live.

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