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Nestled in the Historic Art District, adjacent to the Arlington Theater, a few blocks from Santa Barbara Museum of Art in the romantic city of Santa Barbara, California, is where you will find Santa Barbara Fine Art.

“Capturing the Spirit of Santa Barbara, combining history with natural beauty, highlighting the little things that make our city so unique. Santa Barbara Fine Art celebrates it’s special town through the eyes of local artists.

Embodying the spirit of Santa Barbara, the paintings in the gallery showcase the rich culture and bright energy of Santa Barbara through landscapes, portraits, and narrative scenes. Altogether, Santa Barbara Fine Art paints a nuanced picture of life in this beautiful corner of California.

Santa Barbara Fine Art Artist in Residence and one of the original Oak Group members, Richard Schloss, is California Landscape painter of 50 years, whose paintings can be found in permanent collections of 5 Museums: Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Ridley Tree/Westmont Museum, The Museum of Ventura County and The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles CA.

Also, featured in the gallery, world renowned and Santa Barbara's favorite sculpture, Bud Bottoms.   Original OAK Group members Arturo Tello, Michael Drury, John Comer, Karen Foster and Marcia Burtt, Larry Iwerks. Newer Oak Group members include Michael Enriquez, John Wullbrandt,Whitney Brooks Hansen and Larry Iwerks. Pastelists, Morgan Green, Kris Buck, Linda Mutti,Terri Taber. Also, featuring renowned marine mammal sculpture, Bud Bottoms and renowned Western art and landscape painter,Frank Serrrano.

Theese artists, many of whom have been painting together for over 3 decades, are dedicated to celebrating Santa Barbara, and preserving the natural beauty of the land "

-Voice Magazine, Santa Barbara

There is much history here at Santa Barbara Fine Art. Many of our artists featured here have been painting together for over 35 years. Those who have visited the gallery have commented, “ Very comfortable here “ , “ Great space, beautiful gallery and paintings!”  The Best Gallery that we have seen in Santa Barbara! "

Santa Barbara Fine Art is truly an artist’s hub where one can listen to artist’s stories, some artist’s first hand personal and painting experiences with Ray Strong and many other artists  Local Artists, Local Scenes, Real Santa Barbara Feel.

We look forward to your visit.

- Richard and Julie Schloss

 Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery 

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