Nestled in the Historic Art District, adjacent to the Arlington Theater, a few blocks from Santa Barbara Museum of Art in the romantic city of Santa Barbara, California, is where you will find Santa Barbara Fine Art.

Capturing the Spirit of Santa Barbara, combining history with natural beauty, highlighting the little things that make our city so unique. Santa Barbara Fine Art celebrates it’s special town through the eyes of local artists.

Embodying the spirit of Santa Barbara, the paintings in the gallery showcase the rich culture and bright energy of Santa Barbara through landscapes, portraits, and narrative scenes. Altogether, Santa Barbara Fine Art paints a nuanced picture of life in this beautiful corner of California.

Here's whats happening

Arturo Tello & John Wullbrandt

Dos Arbolitos

(Two little dear trees)

Through November 27th 2022

Arturo Tello and John Wullbrandt.heic
Dos Arbolitos (Two Little Dear Trees)Linda Ronstadt
00:00 / 02:35

Santa Barbara Fine Art

1321 State St Santa Barbara

opening December 1st, 2022
5pm - 8pm



Whitney Brooks Hanson              Richard Schloss
Michael Drury                                 Arturo Tello
Tammy Guerin                                Larry Iwerks
Morgan Green                                John Comer
Frank Serrano                                John Wullbrandt
Michael Enriquez                           Kris Buck
Terri Taber                                       Marcia Burtt
William Mitchell                             Bud Bottoms
Linda Mutti                                      

Special Guest Artists:
Rob Robinson
Matthew Ross
Rodolfo Rivademar
Skip Saenger

Painting the Light by Richard Schloss

"Reading this book, Richard Schloss peeled away the magic curtain and found more magic."

-Eric Kelley (Book Den, Santa Barbara)

"The book is fascinating. The text is marvelous. I have learned Schloss's views on light and color, and probably won't ever look at landscapes the same way again. The images are lovely."

-Richard Payatt (Author and Art Critic)

20 years in the making, this is Richard Schloss's treatise on the way we perceive light and atmosphere and how he paints it, over the last 50 years.


Ricks Book Cover 1.png


internationally recognized bronze sculptor, artist and activist, known for his marine mammal fountains and monuments. 

Exclusivley at
Santa Barbara Fine Art

Dolphin Family w_Bronze Base 6_ $350 9_ $1050.jpeg

Books & Cards

Now Available in our shop

Ricks Book Cover 1.png

We are now offering a variety of Books, as well as 10-Set and 20-Set greeting cards that feature paintings by Richard Schloss.