Rob Robinson

A Santa Barbara native, Rob Robinson is the grandson of the late Mildred Bryant Brooks (prominent etcher of the early 1900’s) and son of the late Frank Robinson (a charismatic and respected Santa Barbara architect).

Rob’s inspiration to paint is routed in his desire to create something of lasting value and while doing so, find a little peace in the hustle-bustle of every day life.  “Painting is an engrossing experience for me”, he says, “It's a chance to quietly observe and disappear into the natural world, to be alive in it and return refreshed with something to share. An opportunity to push and express myself using very simple tools, one's life experiences, sensibility, color suspended in oil and a brush.”  Rob has received numerous awards for his paintings and is a member of the Oak Group, Santa Barbara Art Association, the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America and SCAPE (Southern California Painters for the Environment). He credits Michael Drury, Hank Pitcher, John Comer, Marcia Burtt, Meredith and Whitney Abbott, Jorgen Hansen, Ray Strong, Ray Roberts, Frank Serrano, the Oak Group and many others for his inspiration, learning and success.


Rob lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Allison Jaqua and their cat Tang.