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A Santa Barbara native, Rob Robinson is the grandson of the late Mildred Bryant Brooks (prominent etcher of the early 1900’s) and son of the late Frank Robinson (a charismatic and respected Santa Barbara architect).

Growing up in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California, I was surrounded by the natural world. Leaving home at 17 to travel to Australia and later around the world for months at at a time, fed a burning desire to see and experience more countries, peoples and cultures. Returning home, I was awakened to the beauty in my homeland and it wasn’t long before I was drawn to the work of California’s 20th century impressionists and west-coast plein-air artists, particularly those in the Oak Group in Santa Barbara. Picking up a brush as an adult changed my life. Beautiful views, large and small were everywhere waiting to be studied, captured in paint and shared. The challenge in this work quickly became, and remains to this day, my primary passion and interest. 


Rob lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Allison Jaqua and their cat Bela Luna.

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