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Ray r. Cuevas

(American 1932 - 2020)

Date of Birth

March 9, 1932

Date of Death

August 14, 2020

Raymond Cuevas, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, was a graduate of
Chouinard Art Institute, earning a scholarship while attending and studying with
Ed Reep, Harold Kramer, Rex Brandt, Elmer Plummer and Donald Graham. He
also studied painting and drawing with Arnold Mesches and Bentley Schaad at
Otis Art Institute.

Cuevas pursued a career as a graphic designer and advertising art director winning
both national and international awards for his graphic solutions.
He started painting in 1985 concentrating mostly on the unique landscape of the
Los Angeles and San Gabriel area. He then focused on the remaining beautiful
rural areas of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.
Cuevas exhibited with the California Art Club and with various other galleries
throughout Southern California.

In 2001, Cuevas was in “The Art Collectors” exhibit at the Vincent Price Gallery
showing alongside paintings by Diego Rivera and Milford Zornes.
Cuevas’ paintings have also been shown and auctioned at Bonhams & Butterfields
and John Moran Auctioneers a numerous amount of times, and he is listed in
various art reference books.

Cuevas began exhibiting his paintings in 1987. His work is held in private
collections throughout the United States.
“I am drawn to the rhythms in nature for inspiration, whether dramatic or subtle.
The moment of late afternoon light is my favorite time to paint. The landscape
seems to release all its color, shapes and forms it has hidden during the day, when
that last dramatic light illuminates the scene.”

Introduction to the Paintings of RAYMOND R. CUEVAS

It takes one solitary eye to be sensitive to the upheaval in our communities.

Change is the byword. The orchards of a short time ago have succumbed to the fierce growl of the bulldozer. Synthetic life in a plastic bubble, the shopping center, the marketing of goods and services have robbed us of our humanities. Air conditioning and ersatz music is our new aesthetic.

Raymond Cuevas has reached out and captured some of the tranquil beauty still tremulously evident in our fragile countryside. Witnessing his painting evokes the sense of beauty still evident if one has the ability to discover it. Enjoy these visual episodes while you may.

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