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John Wullbrandt/2021

Online Exhibition

From February 20 - April 27, 2021

Santa Barbara Fine Art is pleased to present a collection of paintings by John Wullbrandt.

Born in Santa Barbara in 1951, the artist can trace his roots back to the Chumash and his earliest European ancestor Jose Medina who arrived on a Spanish supply ship and became Santa Barbara's second school teacher in 1797).

John Wullbrandt, an artist with a sharp eye for detail, combined with a desire to create freshness and spontaneity in every composition, where in his landscapes, local landmarks, Trompe L'Oeil still life or paintings of his ranch life where his ancestors homesteaded in 1913. in the hills of Carpinteria.

He began painting at an early age and found local patrons while in his teens. Growing up near the beach in Carpinteria instilled a keen interest in painting his surroundings including the family cattle ranch high in the mountains above the Carpinteria Valley. After studying art history, drawing with Kenneth Nack and painting with  Robert Frame at SBCC the artist set out on what became a 25 year long art adventure that took him around the globe several times and included many noteworthy commissions both private and public. He developed an ability to tackle almost any subject in a variety of styles and mastered a range of sizes from miniature canvases to exterior murals over 5 stories in height. Returning to Carpinteria in 2002, Mr. Wullbrandt and his partner began the restoration of the family ranch where he now lives off grid. In 2017 his studio was incinerated in the Thomas fire and most records of his full-time artist's life were lost. Remaining a prolific painter, the artist was invited into the prestigious Oak Group and his influence on other pockets in our art community has been extensive. This exhibition, John Wullbrandt  illustrates a passion for our coastal environment and many of the treasures the artist holds dear. 

I paint what I love. It's my way of understanding and appreciating the beauty of my surroundings unrestrained by one particular style or conforming to one specific technique.

Sometimes I use the smallest brushes and flecks of color to carefully paint the bits of light and shadow that I see in detail. Other times, I feel that broad brush strokes and spattering best convey the freedom of nature. 

Simple objects, beloved animals, local landmarks and breathtaking vistas compel me to mix colors and combine them onto canvas so that I may share my passion with you.


"I see, feel,  paint,  share, and Smile"

 - John Wullbrandt

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