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Terri Taber

Terri Taber has been painting with pastels since 1998 when she first took a pastel class through Adult Education at Santa Barbara City College.   Taber has always been enthralled with making marks on paper and she majored in art at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Her father told her when she decided to major in Art in college that “everything in the world is Art, from the desk you sit at to the masterpiece on the wall. Art surrounds us everywhere."  Though she made a living as a registered nurse for 25 years, she has continued drawing and painting throughout her life.


Pastel is her media of choice. Taber finds that sticking to one media helps to master that media, and feel the freedom to push the media in different directions without feeling lost.  She appreciates that pastels are brilliant colors and lovely to look at.   They are easy to transport and keep compact, allowing her to paint outdoors in her favorite environment, the landscape. Taber is passionate about the environment and all that the planet provides for us. She feels relevant and privileged to document the world we live in through painting, and wants to continue doing this important work.

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