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Larry Iwerks

Larry Iwerks paints watercolors and oil paintings from his studio/home in Santa Barbara, California, with excursions outward to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Death Valley, and cliff rock country of Utah, and, is currently working in support of a pending Bill to preserve Utah Public Lands, legislation entitled, “The Utah Redrock Wilderness Act”.

 Through educational art presentations and also aid in the form of financial support, Larry has been donating 50% of art sales to (wilderness-related) “Land Preservation” causes.  Many of the projects have been done in an effort to share the great American areas with current and future generations through a variety of formats including most recently, benefits for the Marin, the Big Sur, and Santa Barbara Land Trusts.  Other art efforts have included “The Nature Conservancy of Santa Cruz Island”, “Los Padres Forest Watch”, “Environmental Defense Center”, the “Channel Islands National Park”, and Desert Protective Council. As a result of the “Oasis” Desert Exhibit was the gaining of four new Co-Sponsors to the California Desert Bill; Senators Kennedy, Wofford, Bradley, and Gore, (an Act which eventually passed in 1995).  The paintings continued to travel on to presentations at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Palm Desert Civic Center, the Santa Barbara City College, the Santa Maria Civic Center, and finally the Oakland Museum.

"Western landscape scenery has much to offer to the photographer, painter, and hiking sightseer.  Before us are pathways leading to the contemplation of wilderness studies, and natural design- supporting the future by creating possible new discoveries, and connections to science and art."

-Larry Iwerks

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