francine kirsch

Francine Kirsch was born in France and began her life as an artist when she came to the US over 30 years ago.

Starting out at Santa Barbara City College as an art student, clay became her favorite medium. She deepened her ceramic studies while living five years in Japan. The use of stone in Japanese landscapes inspired Francine to include stone in her work.

Upon returning to Santa Barbara, she taught ceramics at The Anacapa School, while continuing to work on clay sculptures and stone carvings in her studio.


Francine has been involved as an attendee, teacher, board and committee member as well as show coordinator with the California Sculptors Symposium which takes place every year in Cambria, CA. since it started in 2002. She became a yoga teacher and is currently working on a series of yoga-inspired bronze sculptures. She has participated in diverse regional and international group shows in the US, New Zealand and Korea and has showed her work in numerous galleries. She has also had exhibitions in Japan and her work is in private collections all over the world.