Morgan Green

"I tend to seek out the rough ground. Raised to be an outdoors-woman, I feel at home up a mountain, on the sea, or in the desert. I choose my natural subjects because they delight, sooth, or awe me and put the workaday human humdrum into perspective. And no matter where I open my sketchbook or set up my easel, I'm having a good time. 

I use realistic colors and naturalistic compositions in oil and pastel, I begin most of my outdoor paintings on site. Small plein air studies may later translate into larger studio pieces. My work includes still life, as well as "portraits" of boats. I've been strongly influenced by the California Impressionists and Western artists of the 19th and 20th centuries so I especially strive for quality and mood of light. 

I've lived in places from Alaska to Puerto Rico, and on both US coasts. I think life is to be grasped as well as observed,  so I remain an avid hiker and I captain a racing sailboat. I think first-hand experiences aid my art. I seek to bring my patrons a bit of the delight and wonder that comes with, say, feeling the vibration of ocean waves smashing a cliff, or hearing the whoosh of wild goose wings just overhead. It is a challenge I immensely enjoy"

-Morgan green